Terms and conditions

1 The client acknowledges mutually email as legal, valid evidence.

2 The designs are submitted by the contractor digital and / or print ready.

3 If the contract is terminated prematurely before all the phases are completed by the client, then the client will at least all work performed and costs should be reimbursed and are not entitled (sketch) design to use.

4 The hours in the offer are estimated number of hours of work, this should not be exceeded. If this is likely to happen, then the contractor will report early.

5 Commissions must be confirmed in writing by the client. If the client fails to do this, but nonetheless agrees that the contractor commencing with the execution of the contract, the terms of the offer will be considered as agreed. Further down model agreements and stipulations binding on the contractor unless he has confirmed them in writing.

6 If the client wishes to commission identical work to others than the contractor, he shall inform the contractor and the names of those other parties to inform.

7 The contractor will work commissioned carefully and independently, to represent the interests of the client to the best and to strive for a usable for the client. To the extent necessary, the contractor shall keep the client informed of the progress of the work.

8 The contractor acts as a preparatory / pre-press company, and can guide you in the search of good printing and finishing companies.

9 The client is obliged to do what is reasonably necessary thingor desirable to ensure timely and proper delivery of the assignments takermake mogelijkte, especially (to) so by the timely delivery of complete, sound and clear data or materials.

10 Unless otherwise agreed, all rights arising from the assignment of intellectual property to the contractor.

11 Complaints must be made as soon as possible, but to be communicated in any event within ten days after completion of the contract to the contractor.

12 The contractor only time entitled to its name (to) or deleting or at work, and it is not allowed without prior permission to do the work without identifying the name of the contractor or reproduce.

13 Unless otherwise agreed, all working drawings mediated by the contractor under the contract, illustrations, designs, sketches and electronic files, the property of the contractor, whether they were handed to the client or to a third party.

14 Unless otherwise agreed, it is not allowed to make changes in devoorlopige or final design, without the written permission of the contractor, or cause to be affixed.

15 The contractor with regard to the interests of the client has freedom to use the design for his own publicity or promotion.

16 Besides the agreed fee, also the costs incurred by the Contractor for the execution of the contract, recoverable.

17 If the contractor by the late or non-delivery of virtues and clear data and / or as a result altered or incorrect instructions or forced more or werkzaamhedente perform this work shall be charged on the basis of the fee rates usually charged by the contractor.

18 Payments must be made within 30 days of the invoice date. If, after the expiry of this period, the contractor has no (full) payment is received, the client is in default and will owe interest at the statutory rate. All costs incurred by the contractor, such as litigation and extrajudicial and judicial costs, including the costs of legal assistance, bailiffs and debt collection agencies, in connection with late payments, shall be borne by the client. The extrajudicial costs are set at missed 10% of the invoice amount.

19 The contractor has the right to charge client for work performed and costs incurred in the performance of the contract monthly.

20 From the moment the client’s payment obligations under the agreement are not (fully) meet or is otherwise in default, the client is not (any longer) permitted disposal results and is asked to use any part of the contract to expire, license issued to the client unless the failure of the client in the light of the whole scope of the work significance.

21 Both the contractor and the client have the right to terminate immediately in the event of the contract in whole or in part od moratorium bankruptcy of the other party.

22 The contractor warrants that the goods supplied by or on behalf designed and that, if copyright in the design alone, he is regarded as the creator within the meaning of the Copyright Act and as the copyright owner can dispose of the work.

23 The client indemnifies the contractor against all claims of third parties arising from the application using a picture of the result of the assignment.

24 The client indemnifies the contractor against all claims relating to intellectual property rights to the materials provided by the client or data used upon execution of the contract.

25 The contractor can not be held liable for:

  . defects in material provided by the client

  . errors made by or on behalf of the client involved third parties.

  . printing / production / implementation mistakes or errors in the design or text / data after the client has given his approval to the draft (test) or has failed to perform an inspection and know the opportunity is given to such control of either no need.

  . printing / production / implementation mistakes or errors in the design or text / data after the client has given his approval to the draft (test) and the errors in the design (test) would have been well observable.

  . defects in bids from suppliers or for exceeding the value assignments of suppliers.

26 Any liability will expire one year from the date the contract is completed.

27 The client is not allowed any rights from contractor to transfer agreement to third parties other than the transfer of its entire business.

28 After completing the task, neither the client nor the contractor data retention with respect to the materials and data.

29 Each of the parties undertakes to confidential data, information, information, applications, methods and know-how as well as any not to distribute or what kind of document which it learned not to spread during the execution of the contract or to communicate to communicate, not to use it unless the other party gave this advance written permission directly or indirectly. The obligation of confidentiality is provided for in this article, apply as long as the relevant information is confidential, so even after the end of the contract.

30 If the constituent materials at the disposal of the contractor , this should be provided in the premises of the opdrachtnemer. Het signing for receipt of the transport documents ( taking into account the order schedule ) , properly packaged and postage paid on time only confirms receipt of the material . If the client supplies digital prepress equipment without a printed version , the contractor has no responsibility for the result of the pressure. If the client makes available digital files of the contractor , he must himself keep the original files and he is responsible for the quality of these files . The supplier is not responsible for typographic quality of the ready models or files of pages, which he receives from the client . Except for intent and gross negligence of the contractor , his employees or subcontractors, any difficulties or delays in production caused by problems with supplied materials , extend the deadline and increase the price of the additional costs caused by these problems.

31 The contractor is not required to keep the materials of he client. If the client wishes that contractor keep production elements of the client, he shall, before the execution of the contract with the command plausible agreed in writing.De preservation than at the risk of the client, the contractor expressly exempt from any liability in connection with this storage (including loss or damage), except in case of intent or gross negligence of the contractor.

32 All goods (originals, models, films, media, print media, etc.) entrusted by the client and that are in the business of opdrachtnemerr, remain for the account and risk of the client, which express the contractor of any liability of any kind also exempt, including in the event of damage or loss, either in whole or in part, for any reason whatsoever, except in case of intent, gross negligence of the contractor, its employees or subcontractors. The same applies to goods destined for the client.

33 The "Terms et Conditions" have been drawn in the English. However, if there is any difference with the "Terms et Conditions" issued in Dutch then the latter shall prevail.